Counselor Manual

Part 1: Getting Started

Section 1.3: Creating Your Account Avatar

This section will illustrate how to add an avatar image to your account. (Your avatar will be displayed every time you communicate with a student.)

  1. Log in to your account at

    site address

    Or, if you are already logged in, go to your account Overview

  2. Click the circle containing your initials in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Select Account Settings from the drop–down list.

    account settings
  4. In the top task bar you have the option to Edit Account Info or Change Your Photo. Click the Change Your Photo button.

    Change Your Photo button
  5. Click the Select an Image File button. A window opens to allow you to search your hard drive for your desired image.

    Select an Image File button
  6. Double–click your desired image to open it in the photo selection tool.

    image selection tool
  7. To fine–tune the image, place your cursor in the center of the bright selection circle and drag to move the circle onto the area of the image you would like to select as your avatar picture. If the selection circle is too small, place your cursor on the enlargement square on the upper right corner of the circle and drag to the right to make the circle larger. Use the “updated photo” image at the bottom to see the results of your effort.

    chosen avatar image
  8. Once you have selected your image, click the Save Photo button. Your chosen avatar image is added to your account.

    Select an Image File button

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