Counselor Manual

Part 2: Working with Students

Section 2.2: Collaborating with Students (Reviewing Shared Locker Items)

Once a student has added you as a counselor contact, the student can share items from their Locker with you in order to seek your feedback. Like a student contact request, you’ll receive notification of a shared item via email and a notification in your account.

  1. Log in to your account at

    site address

    Or, if you are already logged in, go to your account Overview

  2. Click the notification icon next to your account avatar in the upper right corner of the screen. (When your notifications are brand–new, the icon displays a red dot to alert you.) You will see a drop–down list of your notifications. Click the New shared document alert from your student to open the Contacts page. (If you have a mix of student and professional contacts on MyCoalition, it may be more convenient to select the Students drop–down, then My Students to see a list of only your student contacts.)

  3. Select the 1 item(s) shared link for your student. All of the Locker items this student has shared with you will be available for you to view and give feedback on in the Collaboration Space.

    list of shared items
  4. Click a shared item to open it.

    a shared item

    As it opens you can click the sidebar message from your student. (You might want to counsel your students to always give a reason for sharing their Locker items with you.)

    viewing the shared item
  5. In the lower half of the sidebar, there is a reply box for you to provide feedback. Just type your comments and click Send.

    feedback sidebar
  6. The student will receive a notification when you reply. The two of you can continue to collaborate on this item until the student un–shares it.

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