Counselor Manual

Part 2: Working with Students

Section 2.5B: Starting the Counselor Recommendation Form

counselor recommendation request email

  1. If you have a MyCoalition account,
    • a. Click the View Request button in the student’s recommendation request email. The button will take you to the Coalition Platform’s login screen at Log in to your account.
    • b. Once logged in, you will start at the Documents page. (Alternatively, you can reach the Documents page from the Platform by clicking Documents in the top navigation bar and selecting Home from the drop–down list.)
  2. If you don’t have a MyCoalition account, click the View Request button in the student’s email to take you to the login/create account screen. Click the Create Account link to open an account. Once created, follow the directions above. (See Section 1.1 Creating a Counselor Account for more information.)
  3. Counselor recommendation requests appear on the Documents page as document type “Counselor Rec.” Click the Start button of a counselor recommendation request to open the first section of the Counselor Recommendation Form: the Contact Information page.

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