Counselor Manual

Part 2: Working with Students

Section 2.5: Using the Documents Page and Counselor Recommendation Form

The Documents page is your home–base for tracking all of your counselor recommendation, recommendation, and transcript requests. You can access it via the top navigation bar on every page of MyCoalition. Just select Documents and then Home from the drop–down list.

navigation bar

The Documents page lists all of the recommendation and transcript requests--and their status--that you have received in the current admissions cycle. It can be sorted ascending or descending by type, status, request date, student name, or student email. It also has a search box to help find the request(s) you are looking for.

Documents page

To satisfy counselor recommendation requests, you will use the Counselor Recommendation Form. The form consists of four sections:

Documents page

  1. Contact Information for adding your professional information
  2. School Report for uploading or recording school profile and school report information
  3. Student Assessment for detailing rank, gpa, diploma type and other specific quantitative information about the student. You will also find (optional) sliders for rating student qualities like maturity, confidence, and reactions to setbacks.
  4. Documents & Recommendation for uploading the counselor recommendation and submitting all of the student’s uploaded documents for inclusion in Coalition applications.
The remaining instructions in this section look closely at the document request–fulfilling aspects of the Documents page and the Counselor Recommendation Form.