Counselor Manual

Part 2: Working with Students

Section 2.5F: Uploading the Counselor Recommendation Letter

recommendation upload section

The Documents & Recommendations section is where you upload your counselor recommendation. If you are brand–new to this process, the instructions on this page give you great guidelines for generating a strong recommendation letter. (Note: you can also indicate your inability to write on the student’s behalf.)

When you are ready to upload your letter:

  1. Click the Upload button to open the document upload tool.
  2. Drag and drop your recommendation onto the cloud icon or click the Select File button to find the file on your hard drive. Note that file uploads are restricted to 50MB.
  3. Click the Add Documents button to upload the counselor recommendation.

After uploading the recommendation letter and the other official documents the student requested, you need to complete the submission process.

total document submission

Simply click the Submit button to make all of the documents available for inclusion with a student’s application. Note: the student will not be able to view any of these documents.

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