Coalition connects with student supporters in the Pacific Northwest

In February, the Coalition for College hosted events for college counselors, public school leaders, and community-based organizations (CBOs) in Washington and Oregon.

Dr. Dalinda Martinez, associate director of member engagement, collaborated with Coalition members in the Pacific Northwest to introduce student supporters to the Coalition and its mission, as well as its free, online college-planning toolkit, MyCoalition.

With the University of Washington on Feb. 8, Martinez presented to college counselors and representatives from Seattle area CBOs; she also met with leaders from Seattle Public Schools. Then, in collaboration with Coalition members Reed College and the University of Oregon, Martinez hosted a breakfast on Feb. 15 for Portland-area college counselors.

“For us at the Coalition, it’s so important to connect with the people who are doing such great work to help their students aim for college,” says Martinez. “At events like these in Washington and Oregon, we’re able share our tools and resources and expand our reach, with the hope of bringing even more students one day closer to college.”


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