Coalition Expands Access with New Member School Criteria

The Coalition for College has developed additional eligibility criteria that will go into effect January 1, 2017. These supplementary standards recognize colleges and universities who provide substantial support to low income and underrepresented students, who offer responsible student financial aid, and who demonstrate a commitment to student graduation.

Last winter, the Coalition's Board of Directors appointed a Membership Task Force—co–chaired by Zina Evans of the University of Florida and William Fitzsimmons of Harvard University—that recommended the additional eligibility criteria, which were unanimously endorsed by the Board of Directors and approved by a vote of member institutions earlier this month. Ninety–six percent of the member colleges and universities submitted a ballot, with 98% voting in favor of adopting the new eligibility criteria.

“I am thrilled about the positive impact that the new criteria will have for students from lower–resourced backgrounds,” said Annie Reznik, Executive Director of the Coalition for College. “Member institutions are the foundation of the Coalition's access initiatives; broadening and diversifying the membership will create broader and more diverse outreach efforts.”

Beginning on January 2, 2017, the Coalition will consider membership applications from schools that meet the new eligibility criteria. In May, the Coalition will release a final list of schools that will use the Coalition application for the 2017 cycle.

For more information about our members, please visit our Member Schools page.

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