Students can submit SAT scores and college applications through MyCoalition

For the first time ever, students can send their SAT scores and apply to colleges in the same place: MyCoalition.

Thanks to a partnership between the Coalition for College and the College Board, students no longer have to log in to the College Board website separately to send each college their SAT scores (or SAT subject test scores); they simply link their College Board account to their MyCoalition account to send their scores.

Not only does this SAT Score Send feature reduce complexity in the application process, it can also save families money: Students who have been awarded a College Board fee waiver can send their scores to an unlimited number of schools at no cost.

Within just two months of the feature’s summer 2019 launch, more than 8,000 students had linked their MyCoalition and College Board accounts.

“For us at the Coalition, it’s about streamlining the college application process for students,” explains Annie Reznik, executive director. “With its fee waivers and unlimited score send feature, the College Board is helping to remove barriers for students applying to college, and that aligns with our mission to make college a reality for all students.”

Read the College Board blog announcement.


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