Counselors, Teachers, and Parents

We at the Coalition want to enhance the supports you already provide to your students, and work with you to give all students—particularly those from historically under-represented groups—access to higher education.

Our goal is simple: to change the application process and get more students to college. We do this by starting the process early—in ninth grade, ideally—and making it a years-long project, in which students work toward completing their college applications throughout high school. “Start early, stress less,” we believe.

And we have the toolkit to make it happen: It’s called MyCoalition. Learn more about MyCoalition and other resources we offer to counselors, teachers, and parents:

Introduction to MyCoalition

MyCoalition is our set of free, online tools that helps students learn about, prepare for, and apply to college—early and easily. As student supporters, you can use MyCoalition to collaborate with, guide, and support your students on their path to college. Learn more

Counselor Manual

We provide step-by-step instructions for every counselor interaction with MyCoalition technology, from account setup, to student collaboration, to document upload (available as an HTML document and a downloadable PDF). Learn more

Counselor Community

The Coalition Counselor Community is a group of counselors, distributed among public schools, private schools, and community-based organizations, who provide feedback, advisement, and support to peers. Learn more

Counselor Newsletter Archive

Student supporters can download and read past issues of our brief-yet-newsy monthly memos to counselors. Learn more

MyCoalition Video Demonstrations for Counselors

Here, you can view informative online videos designed for school counselors, covering such topics as creating an account, collaborating with students, and uploading transcripts in MyCoalition. Learn more

"I'm a big fan of the Coalition for College, and am excited about their commitment to sparking innovation in admissions offices across the country."

— Ted Dintersmith, philanthropist, champion of educational innovation, author of What School Could Be, and executive producer of the acclaimed film Most Likely to Succeed